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The Silent Impact: Unveiling the Broad Effects of Early Psychological Shocks on Mind and Body
Trauma Therapy

Many people are unaware that early psychological shocks in childhood not only impact the mind but also extend their effects to the human body!

Psychological shock has a severe psychological impact, manifesting as mental anxiety, continuous tension, or significant depression. It may even lead to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a serious disorder that hinders a person's movement and restricts their productivity and creativity.

Early psychological shock, especially in childhood, has deep and diverse effects on shaping a person's personality. These effects include heightened individual traits (such as temperamental nature, fluctuating moods, and explosive anger) or divergent traits (disconnect from reality and hysteria), as well as obsessive-compulsive features.

Surprisingly, according to studies related to negative experiences in childhood, known as the ACE Study (Adverse Childhood Experiences), the impact of psychological shock extends to the body. This includes increased sensitivity, asthma attacks, and even serious health issues like cancer, rheumatoid inflammation, migraines, and fibromyalgia.

Negative childhood experiences include emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect (emotional or physical), substance abuse in the household, the presence of a mentally ill person in the home, parental separation, and having a family member in prison.

For instance, based on ACE Study, if a person experiences more than four traumatic events in their childhood, the risk of developing disorders in adulthood significantly increases:

✅ Heroin injection use by 4600%

✅ Excessive alcohol consumption by 500%

✅ Diabetes by 201%

✅ Cancer by 157%

✅ Heart attacks by 232%

✅ Stroke by 236%

✅ Asthma by 231%

✅ Kidney diseases by 263%

✅ Vision problems by 354%

It's as if the body (analytically acting as a mother) is saying to its owner, "Your mother doesn't love you, and you don't deserve life." This is the meaning of physical pain for those who experience early shocks in childhood.

As a result, any physical illness can be significantly linked to early childhood shocks.